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About us

With over 20 years experience in offset printing and paper product manufacturing, Roy Mark features a fully computerized office with a pre-production area covering 1,000 m2 in addition to a fully equipped factory in Mainland China where employees live in an area comprising 10,000 m2.

Our quality products and services include packaging gift box, paper bags, calendars, red packets, brochures, catalogues, flyers, folders, paper boxes, hang tags, gift cards, case-bound books, wire-O books, notebooks, memo pads, corporate business card & letterhead & envelope . To best satisfy our customers’ needs, we employ over 200 experienced technicians and skilled workers at our factory in China with an additional 50 designers, artists, sales and marketing staff working in Hong Kong.

We believe that working with Roy Mark is the RIGHT choice for you!
The Right Choice for You!
At Roy Mark, our aim is to provide total-solution premier design and printing services. We establish clear communication channels at the outset so your orders can be filled to your exact specifications, produced in the correct quantity with a minimum of resource wastage and delivered on time.

We want you to experience the RIGHT choice for your needs.

Strive to Be Energetic, Flexible and Sophisticated
Since we have engaged in numerous design projects, we understand very well the process of taking a project from the concept phase all the way through to the creation of an actual product. This is the transformation from creativity to realization. We strive for optimum results and achieve them by using sophisticated production processes that includes flexible and professional communication prior to bulk production to meet your ad hoc needs.
In January 2006, Roy Mark was awarded Heart to Heart Company by the Hongkong federation of youth groups representing our unconditional support to the promotion of youth volunteering.

In February 2007, Roy Mark was awarded ISO 9001:2008. In May 2017, Roy Mark was awarded ISO 9001:2015. In achieving this international certification is tangible testimony that Roy Mark is committed to delivering excellence on time, the first and every time. To meet all customer requirements and maintain long-term relationships, we are committed to achieving and maintaining our quality management system throughout the entire company so that we can further achieve our mission.

For these reasons, Roy Mark is the RIGHT choice for you.